the photography of meg daniels

Meg specializes in the unrehearsed moments in life; the single-frame-split-second-eye-catching-idiosyncratic-impressionable-figurative moments that we easily overlook. Her galleries contain pivotal moments that will never occur again. She invites you to take a peek and afterward, you might see the world a bit differently while driving home.


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By analog standards, today’s Olympic photo agencies are plowing through nearly 28,000 rolls apiece

By A Photo Editor on Feb 18, 2014 08:16 am

The second a photographer fires the shutter on a camera, the resulting image—a high quality JPEG, not RAW—is transported by ethernet to Getty’s central editing office in about 1.5 seconds. There, a team of three editors processes the photo. The first selects the best image and crops it for composition; the second editor color corrects; and the third adds metadata. The whole editing process is done in 30-40 seconds. Once the last editor is done, the image is blasted to the world. It takes about 90 seconds for the images to travel over redundant 100 Mbit/s dedicated lines to Getty’s data servers in the the United States.


The Color Run Sues Photog for Demanding Payment for Widely Distributed Photo

What do you think about this lawsuit?


ESPN Technique: John Huet and David Nadeau | A Photo Editor

Awesome ESPN animations article. Photos are great!

Creative Director, Print and Digital Media: John Korpics
Senior Director, Photography: Karen Frank
Senior Art Director: Chin Wang
Senior Deputy Photo Editor: Nancy Weisman
Photo Editor: Nick Galac
Photographer: John Huet
Retouching: David Nadeau


The Reality Behind Instagram Feeds

Great, hilarious read! A guy pokes fun at himself and the actualities behind what/why people REALLY took those photos for Instagram.


Des Moines, IA ice skating

My first crude video can be viewed on Vimeo. The music was written and played by Matt Daniels. Any and all feedback is welcomed!


The First Photo Won a Prize; The Second Made a Controversy Explode

What do YOU think?

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Permalink One of our AI students, Cammel Hurse, shot this fashion show in Raleigh. Really nice work Cammel!


Just Got back from raleigh, photographing a fashion show.
Fashion Spark 2013 was amazing, the models, designers and everyone else who helped out did a great job.

Awesome #fashion shoot!